Zombie Ball

Zombie Ball

Slice of liver, ooze of spleen—
add them to the soup tureen.
See all the pallid corpses preen?
They seek to woo the zombie queen.
Complexions chalky white or green
through the haunted house careen,
much rowdier on Halloween
than all the holidays between.


For dVerse Poets Quadrille Challenge: Careen


22 thoughts on “Zombie Ball


    As kids we used to make up chants like this and recite them to each other, usually in a dark room with a flashlight on our terrible face, or some other way to try to look the part, sometime only a zombie like hand coming out of a closet door~! I doubt that many of them came this close to the effect you have here. I like it~!

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        Are you saying that I have changed~? I still have a reputation to live up to you know~! And if nothing else, the memories linger on~! Did you read my reply to your “worst nightmare”~? That really happened to me in Hollywood and if Bob Hope would have hired if he had better help back then I might have gone to work on his show and turned out to be a comedian~! I was only 17 or 18 then and (almost) alone in the cruel world (who laughed at me).

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    You often say “this is not the real me”, but I think that I can know that without the warning and really do not care if it is or not if I enjoy it. Sometime my mind is somewhere else when I write and at those times I automatically expect others to read between the lines. Especially when I am using puns or a play on words. But most of what I write in rhyme is loosely based on facts, and will usually give a background, as you do also.

    Maybe I am “naughty and have always been so, but never mean with it in any way on purpose. Life is just too short for that stupidity~! A good joke is fun but not at the expense of another innocent person or persons~!



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