At the Movies

At the Movies

Looked up too late and so I missed
the moment that the lovers kissed.
Taking a break, I closed my eyes.
Missed seeing how the hero dies.

Paresthesia setting in
caused me to take a little spin
for five minutes or maybe ten
to the lobby and back and then

when I got back, the credits started.
So as everyone departed,
I left as well, regretting so
how I had missed most of the show.

With old film cameras, when the bulb flashed,
it produced something that would last.
A photo mounted in a book
gave something upon which to look.

But movies are impermanent.
Moment after moment went
into the past, so if one blinked,
what they had missed became extinct.

That’s why next time I didn’t go
when invited to the show.
I stayed at home and had a nap,
my photo album in my lap.


Prompts today are look up, missed, paresthesia, bulb and old film camera.

13 thoughts on “At the Movies

            1. lifelessons Post author

              I don’t think I’ve gone to a movie theater in the past 3 years.. since Covid. But growing up in the little town where I did, before TV, it was the only entertainment we had. Sometimes we would go to a movie in our town on Saturday night, to the town 7 miles away o Sunday night and a town 23 miles away on Monday night!

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            2. Hammad Rais

              I clearly understand and respect the feelings moviegoers enjoy in a theater. The excitement of seeing a movie on a big screen is certainly one of a kind experience.
              Here in my city, multiplexes are plenty, just about an hour’s drive away from my home. But I feel more like watching a movie in my home.


  1. Sam

    So much said, and as usual so true
    all albums did build up of those I knew
    but now procrastinate with what I must do
    trying to identify all of those old friends who
    are long deceased but fine memories renewed
    some of their names may be forgotten too
    I must write them down for me and you
    or for all my descendants to pursue~!

    As to theaters, I may no longer go
    but I watch them on TV though
    and I always record them so
    if I miss a part of the show
    falling asleep, I still know
    discombobulated though
    replayed those parts so
    I saw the whole show.

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