Rich Folk, Poor Folk

Rich Folk, Poor Folk

Just because you are loquacious

doesn’t mean that you’re sagacious.
Those who form lucrative pacts
to try to contradict the facts

may wage a campaign national
to promote thoughts irrational,
creating facts out of pure fiction
by making use of fancy diction.

In higher circles, they make jokes
about the gullible simple folks
who hand over all their earnings
forgetting all their earlier learnings

and write their own obituary,
trading futures for cash-and-carry.
Better odds that comets destroy Earth
than that we reclaim their worth,

yet those who bilk and deserve blame, 
wrestle not with guilt and shame.
They buy their Guccis and parade
in decorations for which we’ve paid.



Prompt words today are obituary, decorate, comet, sagacious, wrestle, circle and irrational. Image by Melissa Walker on Unsplash.


11 thoughts on “Rich Folk, Poor Folk

      1. sam

        You described a lot of people today, especially in politics, one right now who got rich playing football and not much brains or common sense, can’t even speak proper English, going through several women accused of beating them up, and children, paying for abortions and knows absolutely nothing about government, running for the Republican Senate as an anti abortionist~! All it takes today is saying the same lies over and over and you are clean and the Trump gang behind you, no brains or morals needed~! (maybe I should keep my mouth shut more often~!)


          1. sam

            I really wanted to move to Mexico or Costa Rica several years back. Some people get too soon old and too late smart (or too tied up in beautiful memories)~!, Now it may be too late~! There – one in your corner~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        Not really, I have a big mouth and you are just too demure (at times)…But it is fun~! My obdurate disposition may have bombed my trip to Guadalajara this month… We will see.. will let you know.



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