“Depauperate” ed

(of a flora, fauna, or ecosystem) lacking
in numbers or variety of species.
“oceanic islands
are generally depauperate in mayflies”
(of a plant or animal) imperfectly
developed. “a depauperate inflorescence.”

“Depauperate” ed

Depauperate? I must admit, I’ve never seen the word.
Nor is it an adjective that I have ever heard.
Did I de”pauper”ate the beggar when I handed him a twenty?
Transform him from a pauper into a life of plenty?

My command of language ranks from “pretty good” to “better,”
and usually prompt words leave me in fine fetter,
but when I see a word like this, I end up fuss and fretting.
Just how obscure are prompt words likely to be getting?

Exactly where on Earth did the prompter find this word
that you might admit is overly absurd?
If one needs a dictionary and still cannot use it,
you can bet that some of us are likely to abuse it.

We’re thankful for each prompt word, but when you cook it up,
kindly choose one that makes sense when we look it up.
A prompt word should inspire us and make us want to use it,
but with words like “depauperate” some of us will abuse it!

Note: Meant in good fun…but you will admit it was a hard word to use? 

Prompt words today are depauperate, exactly, fret, command and need.

9 thoughts on ““Depauperate” ed

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Nor had I, obviously. Once I finally understood the definition, after looking it up in three different sources, I still decided there was no way I could make use of it in a serious poem, so I had to make a bit of a farce of it.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Reflections of an Untidy Mind

    You will thank me one day, Judy. 🙂 My first thought was that I would never use that word when I came across it in my bush regeneration research, but maybe it might come in handy for some fun rhyming poem. So that made me think of you. You were first to submit!! I will refrain from the weird ones for a while now that I’ve got that out of my system.



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