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First Dandelion: FOTD July 17, 2020


For Cee’s FOTD

I don’t see many dandelions in Mexico, but this one presented itself right beside my studio door. So easy to overlook, but so pretty close up. It obviously isn’t the first one to bloom, as is evidenced by the dandelion seed fuzz caught up behind it, but it is the first one I’ve noticed this year.

Crown of Thorns: Flower of the Day, February 25, 2019

jdb photos: Click on photos to enlarge.

I should have balked when I saw that the manicurist had put crown of thorns blossoms into the soak water for my manicure, but instead I decided she must know what she was doing. Yes, I let her soak my hands and only when I got home and developed the sores on my hand that still haven’t healed weeks later, did I make use of Google to reaffirm what I already knew—that crown of thorns sap is poisonous and possibly lethal when ingested by animals, caustic to eyes and skin.  I’m sure she just added it because it was pretty, but its effects are not.

For Cee’s FOTD prompt.

Eulogy for Hibiscus: FOTD Nov 26, 2018

Yesterday I said that it was the last photo of my welcome home hibiscus that I would post, but at the request of forgottenman, I am publishing two more stages of its life. This morning I went outside to find the flower fallen to the terrace floor, but when I opened its clasped fist, I found that forgottenman was right and there was still more beauty to display, so here is a medium shot of a hibiscus at rest and tomorrow will be the last two closeup shots.  R.I.P. hibiscus beauty.


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Lantana: Flower of the Day, July 9, 2018

I had to remove all the lantana from my yard because it is very poisonous to dogs, but luckily I have this one still growing outside my wall.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day.