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Bee Diaries

A week later, and we are still trying to deal with the bees that have so infested the spare lot next to my house that we can’t clear out the brush. Carlos the bee guy visited again yesterday to check on the hive box he put out hoping to attract the bees into it. Some did move in and he removed them yesterday, but this morning the humming of the remaining bees was so loud I could hear it from the pool. Carlos told us to stay inside and for me to move dogs to the front yard, as bees are attracted to black, but we had no problems when Morrie and I took a nap in the hammock late this afternoon. Above is a photo of Carlos with his dreads exposed. Interesting gentleman.


It’s the dance of the bees with drone after drone

leaving the hive and the queen on her throne.
Carlos the Bee guy seems most disconcerted,
and I wish that we had been sooner alerted.

The air’s raining bees. They are buzzing and winging
into my gazebo and soon might be stinging.
We leap from the hammock, Morrie and me.
He’s licking his nose and I’m slapping my knee.

We run for the house with one bee giving chase.
Its wings scrape my ear and my arm and my face.
We get to the house before it gets mean,
but again and again, it butts into the screen.

Honey is sweet and well worth its labors,
but creatures that make it do not make good neighbors.

When I tried to hire someone to clear off the empty lot I own next to my house, they ran into a problem—two hives of aggressive bees that made clearing the land impossible. Carlos the dreadlocked bee keeper is coming today to remove the combs of one hive that is reachable and to trap the bees to move to his own apiary, but when he came to check out the situation yesterday, the event described in the above poem occurred. He’s back today, and Morrie and I are going to stay inside!!!

Prompts today are dance, drone, raining and disconcert

This photo and all photos without attribution on this blog have been taken by me.

Straightening out Nature

Straightening out Nature

She was a little honey bee on her debut flight.
Unaccustomed to this task, she had to do it right!
There was no room for error, but the day was bright and sunny—
a perfect day for supplementing this year’s stock of honey. 
Eyeing many blossoms of every type and hue,
she narrowed down her prospects to only one or two.
Alighting on the highest, she prepared to take a dip
into where the nectar was to have a little sip.

But, alas, the well was dry. No nectar to be won.
She tried another close to it, but once more there was none!
With this year’s honey jeopardized, she went into a tizzy
buzzing here and buzzing there until she felt so dizzy
that she tumbled to the carpet, totally exhausted
and this is where she was when she was finally accosted
by one who had great sympathy for this  insect that
had landed not upon a flower, but on my Easter hat.

To be fair, that hat was decked with bunches of silk flowers
which had not been gathered from any garden bowers.
I put her on a paper and carried her outside.
Rather stunned, she did not object much to the ride.
I found a drunken canna and plopped her on its petal
to see if once positioned right, she could prove her mettle.
And so she finally did take a sip most satisfactory
to senses of her taste and sight as well as her olfactory.

Happy Ending!!



And she buzzed on thirstily ever after!!! 

Prompt words today are error, debut, jeopardize, accustomed and bee.


Happy Ending

bee at beach

Happy Ending

It’s typical and just my luck
that when the fruit fell from the truck,
I didn’t adequately duck,
and so was splattered with its muck.
My hungry hens began to cluck.
The honey bees began to suck.
They made a meal of former yuck!


Another Flower, Another Bee: Flower of the Day, Sept. 20, 2017

IMG_0220 copy

The cannas just keep blooming and the bees just keep coming. Thankful for that.


For Cee’s Flower Prompt: https://ceenphotography.com/2017/09/19/flower-of-the-day-september-20-2017-daffodils/

“Bee”ing There, Wisteria: Cee’s Daily Flower Challenge


This gorgeous wisteria bush is outside Martin’s Restaurant where we hold our weekly writing group meetings.  I’ll show the entire bush/vine at a later date.

For Cee’s daily Flower Challenge.




New words fly at me in a swarm.
They do not mean to do me harm,
but still I feel beaten and battered.
They might feel they haven’t mattered
if I do not use them all,
and yet I feel the beach’s call.
The dog is clamoring to be fed
while I am writing this instead.

The guilt of it cuts like a knife.

I’ve got to go and have a life!
I save the words already used,
and lest the others feel abused,
I leave them on the page as well
to tell the stories they might tell
If I had the time to use them.
I hope you’ll take time to peruse them:

fife  strife excel tell bell yell cell

The prompt today was swarm.