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Breaking In

Breaking In

Last night I was with two talkative friends who just wouldn’t stop talking. I had a very interesting anecdote that had happened to me that I wanted to tell but I could not find a break in the conversation. I kept even trying to interrupt but no matter what I did, they just kept on talking, talking, talking, talking. It was so frustrating and finally I just said, “Stop! I have a really interesting thing to tell you but you need to stop long enough for me to tell it!!!!!”

It was at that point that I woke up and realized the book I’d been listening to as I fell asleep had been playing all night and it was unlikely that any of the characters were going to stop talking long enough for me to join in the conversation. I shut the lid on my computer and fell back asleep and by the time I woke up to the kitty’s pleas for breakfast, I could no longer remember the interesting story I was so anxious to share!!!!!

The Rest of the Story. . . . A Scorpion Adventure

Since I’d just had the house fumigated less than two weeks ago, I was distressed to walk into the bathroom and discover a scorpion on the floor! Please click on the photos below to see and read about the rest of the story.

Silly Old Sod: Locked In

This is an absolutely hilarious true story by “Silly Old Sod.” I couldn’t find a reblog button for WP so I’ve done screenshots of his lead-in and put a link at the bottom so you can go to his blog for most of the story. It is well worth it, so please read to the end. 

Now, go here to ready the rest of the story: https://www.sillyoldsod.com/locked-in/


If you’d like to read how I shocked every souk owner on my block when I lived in Ethiopia in 1973/74, read this old post from three years ago:

The prompt today is shock.