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The Magical Kingdom of Candelabra Island

When we sailed through the colossal bifucated stone split into the secret cove on Candelabra Island in Peru, we could not help but feel like we were intruders in this little paradise filled with thousands of cormorants, blue-footed boobies, pelicans, seals, crabs, terns, seagulls, pelicans and other huge flocks of birds that settled on the jagged rocks around the quayside structure where tons of bird guano was loaded up and sold to a lucrative market every 5 years. The birds, however, watched seemingly unperturbed from their vantage point high above on the jagged rocks. (The italicized words are the prompt words we were given to choose between.  This photo series seems to demonstrate them all.)

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Public Transportation–Peru Style

DSCF1631 DSCF1033 DSCF1654 DSCF2215 DSCF1610 DSCF1014 DSCF1641 DSCF1283

Public Transportation–Peru Style From the shadow of our plane as we flew over the Nazca lines to our boat on the Amazon or the mini-cabs and even mini-police vehicle, Peru furnished some unique modes of public transportation, not to mention the Cristal truck that accelerated in front of us to get to our destination in time to furnish us a frosty reward for a day hard-spent in tourism!


Dripping: Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Humid

The most humid place I’ve ever been is Bali, but the Amazon rainforest came in a close second.  Whereas in Bali, our clothing consisted of sarongs and nothing else, fear of mosquitoes and malaria in Peru meant we needed to be fully covered at all times.  This made for sticky times but all that humidity made for gorgeous skies.  Here are some of them:
DSCF1989 DSCF1990 DSCF1720


Islas Ballestras of Peru: Cee’s Travel Theme Land Meets Water

                                            Islas Ballestras: Peru’s Galapagos

Sometimes where land comes together with water, that land is an island; and in Peru’s Ballestras Islands, it furnishes a wonderful preserve where millions of penguins, boobies, gulls, seals and other animals are able to live in a protected environment.

DSCF1189DSCF1088 DSCF1099 DSCF1108 DSCF1166 Version 3 DSCF1115 DSCF1113


To see Cee’s incredible panoramic coastline view and other photographers’ work, go HERE.

Sand Storm: Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge

DSCF1334 DSCF1353 DSCF1354

You’ll just have to imagine the wind blowing–and you would have one colossal sand storm!  These dunes are in Peru, Taken from the oasis shown in the aerial view.