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Carrara Collage

Please click on any photo to see the details in all of the photos.

I took these photos for a friend who had sold his house and was trying to sell these sculptures, some of which he had carved, others the work of  another artist who passed away recently.  Can you guess which one now graces my patio? If you are interested, I can put you in touch with him!

For the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

“Golden Hour” A Photo a Week Challenge

On the west coast of Mexico, sunset is indeed a golden experience. I especially like the way the ocean tides reflect the colors of the sunsets.  You’ll need to click on the first photo to see these all in a larger size and in better detail.

For the A Photo a Week Challenge

Material Times Two––Partners

Below are photos for Nancy’s Photo A Week Challenge of Photos that depict two different materials.  Click on any photo to enlarge all and see captions:


“Genius” With All The Trimmings!!!

“Genius” With All The Trimmings!!!

Pretty tall tree.  How’s the best way to trim it? 


Everyone’s been wondering, and soon there’s not an employee to be found from housewares to car accessories.  They’ve all gathered for the show.IMG_7936

Because someone has come up with an smart idea.
IMG_7937 Just put a guy up on the tallest wheeled ladder they have–perhaps the one for changing ceiling lightbulbs?IMG_7938

And station a guy below, not just to hold it steady,IMG_7939

But to wheel him around the tree. If he just doesn’t get dizzy, the perfect way to wind the lights around, stepping down a step or two every revolution.  Somebody deserves a raise for thinking this one up!  (The store is Walmart, in Ajijic, Mexico.  Yes Emily, there is at least one Walmart store in every sizable town in Mexico!)


A Photo a Week: The Circle of Life in abstract (1)


What is it? Something whose cycle is vital to all life–a detail from a plastic bottle of water in the cupholder of my sister’s car.



Also vital for the circle of life: air–here represented by the air vent on my sister’s car.


And finally, a third component of the circle of life: good old South Dakota Jones County gumbo! It is this rich soil, here on the tire of my sister’s car, that sent me through college and assured my path in life…Messy, but thanks. I am what I am today because of it!!!!





A Photo a Week Challenge: Brighten Up Your Day

DSC08440 - Version 2 DSC08696 - Version 2 DSC08692 - Version 2DSC08610 - Version 2



Whether your picture is naturally bright from the sun or other lighting, or you create the brightness with post-processing, have fun and get creative.