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Give Me A Hand: Thursday 13 Challenge

Version 2

hand shake
handy man
give me a hand
hand rail
handy Andy
hand made
hand job
hand built
hand cut
second hand
H and R Block (Is that cheating????)

(The Assignment? Just make a list of 13 things…easy peasy.)For: Thursday 13

Incantation for the Rainy Season


Incantation for the Rainy Season

I admit I’m taking sanctuary, waiting for the rain.
I really cannot help it that I’m foolish and I’m vain.
It’s lack of all humidity causing my hibernation.
This dryness is my scapegoat. I am needing rain’s hydration.

Once there’s water in the air, my cavities will out,
and all these ugly wrinkles are destined to fill out.
I’m praying to the rain gods, though I don’t like to beg,
for the wrinkles on my torso are spreading to my leg.

My hand backs are so furrowed they’re impervious to lotions.
My crepey neck defies even my most expensive potions.
I’m succumbing to my wrinkles. I’ve barely a smooth patch.
I think I’d be the winner in a “most wrinkled” match.

In the aging Olympics, I would surely win the gold.
I’ve passed from young to middle-aged and ended up at “old.”
I’ve given up on vagueness and modesty and pride.
I’m bluntly revealing the condition of my hide.

Yes, I’ve succumbed to wrinkles. and my only hope’s the rain.
Surely with humidity, I’ll plump right up again!!!!


Prompts today are regenerate, scapegoat, vague and sanctuary. Here are their links:

Excuse # 2


Excuse # 2

Quick, take my hand before I float off
on a breeze or a sigh or a sneeze or a cough.
No telling what currents are swelling today
to pick a girl up and float her away.
Oh, excuse number one?
Hand holding is fun!

For DVerse Poets: https://dversepoets.com/2018/09/10/quadrille-64-quickwrite-something/

Regional Differences

Regional Differences

They joked about their names. His name was Johnnie, she was Frankie.
It’s true that she was beautiful, he handsome, tall and lanky.
He was a genteel southern boy, while she was born a yankee.
Every time she looked at him, her heart went a bit wanky,
but the slowness of his courtship rites was making her most cranky.
For though she appeared shy, at heart she was a trifle skanky.
As he contemplated holding hands, she dreamed of hanky panky!



The prompt word today is cranky.

Cee’s Fun Foto: View from the Side

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This is my answer to Cee’s “View from the Side” Challenge.

Busy Hands: Cee’s Fun Foto Challege 2016/08/16

Some of these photos you have seen before, but they needed to be in the collage.  As usual, click if you want a larger view and to read the caption under two of the photos.  Enjoy.


Face Off


Version 5




This always lovely, almost always smiling lady of 96 was caught here in a reflective moment as she sat covered by a shawl to ward off cool lake breezes.  We were on a pontoon boat on Lake Chapala, listening to the children’s choir and orchestra and sipping wine made from local raspberries. Perhaps the music triggered a memory. Certainly, there is a far away look in these eyes.  I love this picture even though it really does not capture her usual bright, positive attitude. I guess the secret of why we are so intrigued by photos is their ability to capture and share with us those fleeting moments otherwise lost.