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Hibiscus: FOTC, Nov 9, 2021



My husband Bob carved this plaque that I’ve hung on the palm tree where I pass it every time I go down to the garden. The quote on it, “And Owl moved to some other tree,” is from Winnie the Pooh, I believe. It looks like flowers just want to grow nearer to join it!

I see hibiscus, thunbergia grandiflora, bougainvillea and crown of thorns blooms in the photo.

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Thunbergia and Jade Plant: FOTD Sept 27, 2021


This thunbergia grandiflora flower had detached from its vine above and fallen down to nest in the jade plant.  Photo opportunity!

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Every Flower: NaPoWriMo 2020 Day 11

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Every Flower

Who dares to press a flower to one meaning?
When one is in love, every flower is full of passion.
When love dies, each flower listens to your grief.

They pick up your thoughts  by some telepathy,
soak up meaning through the air,
are watered by your grief or joy.

Hope, regrets, solitude?
Flowers do not signify.
Flowers only serve as balm.

Any flower head in a baby’s fist, held out to her mother.
Hibiscus petals strewn across a reunion table,
rose petals on a marriage bed. 

When I die, do not look for the me in the roses
blanketing my grave or the bougainvillea 
fallen to the ground in which I lie.

Look for me in the blue thunbergia,
hearty and profuse and growing ever upward,
insisting on being seen. Me, here! Me. 


To read another poem on the significance of flowers and memory, go HERE.

TheNaPoWriMo prompt today is to write a poem about the meaning of flowers.
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Interlopers: Flower of the Day, Aug 3, 2018

These thunbergias refuse to stay in place.  Wanderers all. Here they are sneaking over the front wall.

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Flower of the day, Aug 2, 2018, Black, White and Colored–Pink Thunbergia Grandiflora

IMG_1981Version 3


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