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State of Zoe: New Duds

When last we saw Zoe, she was in a. funny little outfit designed by her mother to keep her from continuing to pull out the stitches from her spaying. What a dilemma. Vet office closed, computer tech on the way, what was a mom to do? I called Zoe’s groomer who had to pass my house anyway on his daily drive back from his business in Ajijic to Guadalajara, where he lives, so I asked him to bring a cone, hoping it would keep her from totally disemboweling herself. You saw the result which I will duplicate at the end of this blog, but yesterday I took Zoe to the vet to have her check her out and she had a better solution to the problem. Here is thoroughly modern Zoe, transformed from sunbonnet girl to a stylish gym suit model. She’s soooo cute and no more nibbling at her stitches. Here is Zoe now:
She has no objection to her new attire. Not so with Mom’s former solution to the problem:

Which look do you prefer? Luis, the computer tech guy who was one of three of us needed to pin her down to clothe her in her former protective attire said she looked like something from “Little House on the Prairie.”

If you want to read more about her funny little outfit above and how it came to be, go HERE.

State of Zoe: Enjoying her Pain Meds

In case you don’t know, Zoe was spayed yesterday afternoon. Mom was worried, but Zoe seems to have come through it with flying colors. The vet said Just as she was giving her the shot to anesthetize her, that Zoe reached up and licked her on the face! She had a fan club by the time I picked her up 5 hours later.


Zoe Helps Mom Swim

Zoe’s never been outside when I’ve been swimming before, so she kept me company. And did a little gardening at the same time. While we were conversing, I held her for awhile and dipped her in the pool, which seemed not to bother her at all. I then held my hands under her and she swam a couple of strokes to the edge of the pool and pulled herself out. I helped a bit. She was too young before but soon I want to try her for a bit longer distance to be sure she knows how to get out of the pool in an emergency. I don’t leave her out in that area when I’m gone––only when I’m here within eyeshot and she’s with the older dogs. She now sometimes sleeps with them in “their” room as well. 

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