Tracking: Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge 2015, Week 35

I love this picture and don’t know where else it would fit in, so I’m declaring it an oddball! The little silver spots must be a parasite, but we can imagine fairy footprints if we wish.

Or, perhaps this guy stepped in silver paint and had something to do with it:


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.” If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

I have been drinking and bathing in the fountain of youth every day for fourteen years.  The first post I ever wrote for NaPoWriMo, over three years ago, was about this topic; and since my blog was brand new and only three people read it, I’m going to post it again today. Audrey, okcforgottenman and Ann, do you remember this one?


Web of Night

We have been talking online for hours
and, as usual, lost track of time.
Now, after his good-bye,
it would be easier to go to bed
than to act on his reminder
that there should be hot water
in my hot tub tonight,
pumped in earlier from the volcanic depths,
left to cool all day.

I am living in sub-tropical Mexico
where things like volcanoes are everyday things.
I drink the volcano.
I swim and soak in it.
I absorb its heat,
draw from its power,
grow stronger.

This is the fountain of youth, I’ve often said.
Too long away from it, I start to grow creaky and old––
reversing those effects only by coming home again
to lie in its steaming bath.

I look up from it now
at a night sky unlike any other––
only the major stars distinct, like light seen through
irregularly perforated steel. The stars standing out individually,
between them the remarkable floss of clouds stretched
sparse as angel hair on a Christmas tree
to reveal the ornaments

No one else awake in this morning hour
so early that it is really still the night before.

2 AM. Neither a dog’s bark nor a burro’s bray.
No harsh staccato though the cool night air
of air brakes of trucks
too wide for the two-lane carretera.
down below.

Alone in my world.

The clouds, while I’ve been thinking blind,
have obscured the stars
behind a thicker web of cotton wool.

I think of love so far away,
wishing it nearer but feeling it close
as the keyboard in the room behind me.
There are many of us
caught in this Web of internet romance.
Here we need not fear
the loss of a love
that is a part of an addiction
to the mystery of absence
yet words so close
they are almost
but not quite

Hibiscus: Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge 8/30/15


Version 2I love both the veining and the shadow of the pistils and stamen in this shot. The sun was brighter than usual–perhaps an indication of the ending of the rainy season. it hasn’t rained for days and things are starting to look less lush.  Soon it will be wildflower season in the mountains. More photo opportunities!!


For more flowers look HERE.

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Lunch Date (Old-Fashioned Attention): JNW’s Prompt Generator

Lunch Date

One thing I’d like that I will mention
is a bit of old-fashioned attention.
The kind with no device in hand
is the kind that I can stand

better than the sort with texting
minds caught in “before” and “next”ing
and not a thought for whom you’re with
until I’m sure that it’s a myth

that I’m the one you want to see,
even though you have invited me.
For though our table is for two,
you bring so many more with you–

every relative and friend.
Your texts to them just never end.
Our tete a tete‘s become absurd.
I never get to speak a word!

So there’s one thing I’d like to state.
Please cancel our next luncheon date.
The next time you desire a munch,
just take your iPhone out to lunch!

My prompt was “Old-fashioned Attention.” To get a prompt or see more JNW Prompt-Generated posts, go HERE.

Needless to say, there will be no sequel to this lunch date, but to see posts about sequels to movies, go here:


Miniature Chile Bush Bloom: Cee’s Flower of the Day 8/29/15

My chile bush has grown by leaps and bounds this year, thanks to a vigorous rainy season.  This is a closeup of its bloom. It is actually very tiny.  Perhaps 1/2 inch across.

Version 3
As you can see, some little spider has been very busy indeed on this plant.

Version 2
If I make a lunch for workers, they often nab a few chiles off this bush to spice up my tame gringa food. Perhaps they, too, will be nabbed–by this busy spider.

IMG_4084Chiles in all stages from green to yellow to red can be seen on my former plant, now bush, soon to be tree!!!  (Given another rainy season like this one.)