Word Soup, Apr 22, 2019


My “Not Yet Dead Poets” group met at 2 p.m. yesterday and when I got home at 5, I was pooped, since I hadn’t gone to bed until nearly 5 a.m. the night (morning) before so had only had four hours sleep. I fed the cats and dogs (I hope), put the soup in the slow cooker on high, and lay down for a little nap. I was awakened at 3 a.m. by Annie my cat, demanding to be fed, so I got up,  put the bean soup in the fridge, read email messages and a Skype message from Forgottenman expressing worry, first of all, that I was okay, and secondly, amazement that I hadn’t posted yesterday for the first time in 5 years. It’s true, although I did post yesterday’s topic in NaPoWriMo, the  night before, so I’m still claiming to have maintained my habit.  So, here’s my poem owed from yesterday. Don’t expect too much, ’cause I am, as stated below in the title––

Just Scraping By

My foray into poesy I fear will be most terse.
At 4 a.m. I fear that you’d probably do worse.
I’m fortified with coffee and determined to come through.
I’ve done yesterday’s dishes and journeyed to the loo,
but still associations don’t pop into my mind,
and so for clever rhymes I fear I’m in a bind.
And though I’d like to come up with a better poem for you,
I got all four damn words in and I guess that it must do.

Prompt words today are foray, terse, fort and association. Here are the links:

Jenny’s Stroll

Kid Again: NaPoWriMo 2019, Apr 22, 2019

There are more forms of art in the world than most people can list. Cooking may be an art in the right hands, or riding a horse or setting a table. Or flying a kite.

Kid Again.

From the still air near the beach,
it seems a miracle
that above us there are currents
strong enough to sail a kite.

The long-handled spool spins
between your loose-curled palms,
yet the kite curls lower
until you remember how
to reel it in a bit
and run, and let it go.

As you in the heat,

under Leon Redbone hat,
learn the tricks again
you haven’t needed since you were a kid,
you recognize, through some
adult amnesia,
the tug of the string
against your hands––that tactile memory––
and steer the beautiful sperm-shaped kite
with the longest tail

Yours unique above the two blue others.
Yours lotus-patterned with a spiraled tail
of purple, orange and yellow.

All afternoon, the seagulls and the pigeons
curve between the obstacles
of string and tail
as you rock your hand
to teach this drifter
how to execute a figure eight,
until a cooler wind,
blowing your shirt-back dry,
calls your attention
to the sunset,
and you start to reel your new toy in.

Still fighting that compulsion 
to let it go again
to the end of the string,
you dance the kite
on ever-shorter tether
as you take it for a walk
along the footpath
to the car,
by some association,


After Forgottenman read this poem, he told me a charming story about the last time he flew a kite. For the first time in history, when I said he should write a blog post on it, he actually did!!  You can find it HERE.

The NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a poem about another art form.

In Your Easter Bonnet: FOTD Apr 22, 2019


It was Easter and Vino Blanco decided to wear her Easter hat, covered with flowers, just like all the other ladies who came to Yves for Easter comida.


Her son, Martini, however, had hung up his hat before I could get a shot of him.  I should have taken my photos earlier!

Here is their competition: (click on photos to enlarge.)

At the last minute, it was suggested we wear hats. Everyone but Sandy and I complied. I’d already done my hat thing for the year! Wanna see it again? Go HERE.


For Cee’s FOTD

Happy Easter, Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is my friend Patty Martin’s birthday, so I woke up early to be, hopefully, the first one to wish her happy birthday.  Since we are about a thousand miles apart and since I know she is on the road, visiting her kids and friends in Wyoming and Colorado, and since it was just 6:30 her time and too early to phone, , it had to be via email.  This is the message I sent her:

Which location in your pilgrimage are you at now?  Do you get a party or celebration at every one??? Woke up early today to the yowl of Annie demanding her breakfast.  That is always the first item on my agenda!  Then I realized what she was really doing was reminding me to get up and be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday, and Happy Easter!!!!

Did you know you were born on Palm Sunday? This year it is on Easter, and In your lifetime, your birthday has fallen on Easter just one other time–in 1957.

The next time it falls on Easter will be in 2052, so I think they’ll be celebrating without you!

Do you remember when you were nine having your birthday on Easter?  Did you have a bunny on your cake? If we were together today, you would have one.  I’m going to an Easter Egg hunt/brunch next door at Salvador and David’s house at noon. They rented Allenda’s old house from its new owners for two years. I won’t eat as I have an Easter comida to go to at Yves restaurant at 2:30 with Sandy, Harriet and Paul, Glenda, Gloria and Patricia Gail. We will sing Happy Birthday for you.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF
Animated GIF

Happy Birthday, dear friend!!!!!!    xooxox Judy

Then I got busy writing my three-prompt poem for today and for some reason, the birthday theme just stuck with me.  Here is the poem–a silly little bit of fluff:

Birthday Hint

(Just in case you are around on my next birthday)

It’s the ugly truth. I’m partisan when it comes to cake,
and though of course I’d have a piece, whatever one you make,
chocolate is my first choice and the one that I would favor.
There really isn’t any cake of any other flavor
that would please my palate half as much as that,
so if you’re taking the initiative to try to make me fat,
just bake a cake of chocolate and put a candle on it
and in return I’ll write my own Happy Birthday sonnet!!!!



Word prompts for today are partisan, initiative and ugly. Here are the links:

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