No Spammers!

No Spammers

Welcome to my life, my dear. You’re most welcome to meddle
if in fact you do not have anything to peddle.
I do not want insurance or stocks or Ponzi schemes.
Such obvious exploitation is not the stuff of dreams.
I do not need more objects to set upon a shelf
unless what you are peddling is simply you, yourself.

Emoticons are not my friends. Skip LOL’s or memes.
Such mass communication avoids intimacy, it seems.
Spamming should be limited to sandwiches or plates.
Such sins of modern culture are things this blogger hates.
If you want to seduce me, drink to  me with thine eyes.
Do not use the pickup lines used by other guys.

A sincere sense of humor and intelligence will do.
All the modern gimmicks are what you should eschew
if you seek to impress me and win my heart as well.
If you want your just desserts–sales pitches will not jell.
Only sincere affection and perhaps a winsome smile
will win you that devotion which cannot be won by guile.



The prompt today was meddle. (Image downloaded from the Internet.)

Jammin’ with Siri

I was just jamming with Siri, the personal assistant on my iPhone.  When I started to get personal, this was her answer:

Me: How old are you, Siri?

Siri:  “I am as old as the east wind and as young as a newborn caterpillar.”

When I asked her again, this is what she said:



I swear.  This happened.  Wish I’d thought to photograph her more poetic first response.




All of us will be bereaved
unless we are first to be sheaved
by that great harvester of all
who severs life, bringing our fall.
Life was not meant to grieve away.
One’s own life is too much to pay
in mourning one who’s gone before.
Life should be lived with one great roar,
not whimpering for what’s been taken.
Life is our one chance to awaken.
Each day gives us new reason for
choosing to walk out our front door.
Though we may feel what’s past is best,
why not experience the rest?



The prompt today was relieved.

Red Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, June 19, 2017


I had a yellow and purple Spanish Dancer hibiscus that I shot yesterday all ready to post. Then I saw this red one, just born today, and changed my mind. Here’s a little closer view:


and one with an unplanned-for visitor:


For Cee’s Flower prompt.

Pretty Bottles All Lined Up


Pretty Bottles All Lined Up

How we love to line up bottles on tabletops or shelves.
What we collect in bottles tells us something of ourselves.
Be it pills or perfume or lotions for our skin,
be it liquor bottles or old bottles of our kin.
Be they for forgetting or remembering or curing,
the fact that we see into them is somehow reassuring.

Each one once held something that someone deemed worth keeping.
Inside these bottles empty or full, something goes on steeping.
Hopes or dreams are bottled there–courage, allure or balm.
Their stoppers keep in secrets, unstopped they exude calm.
Pretty bottles on a shelf for use or decoration
meet with our eyes to please us, with our lips for satiation.

The prompt today was bottle.

Life’s Little Diversions


Life’s Little Diversions

If you follow my blog, you know that my world has been pretty much consumed by the accident that totaled my car— first of all dealing with my injuries, then getting the insurance dealt with, obtaining a rental car, finding a new car, getting it plated and registered and insured and then going for a third time to Guad. to bring it home. In the midst of all of this, a little drama occurred in my life which has shifted my focus away from my problems in order to deal with these new plot details in my life’s production.

The scene opens with Pasiano and I trying to move everything out of the rental car so I can take it to Guad to trade for my newly purchased Honda HRV. I’d been shopping and the trunk was full so we were unloading things and carrying them into the house. Before we’d started, I’d fed Annie the cat, who refused to enter my grounds since the third dog came to live with us and so was always fed on the front wall. On my third trip by the wall, I heard a hissing and looked up to see a miniature feline form had taken the place of Annie. Ironically, it seemed to be a small clone of Lulu, my first cat who had been a mother or older sister of sorts to Annie before moving out and in with the neighbors when I had the gall to bring a second dog to live in our compound. Lulu had passed away a few months before, but here seemed to be a reincarnation.

I pointed her out to Pasiano who seemed as a delighted as I was to see this little creature staking its claim to poor Annie’s breakfast.  As we stood, astonished and chuckling, I heard a sound outside the garage door. Thinking perhaps this was  the stray cat who had been coming around for the past month, I opened the garage door expecting to see her.  Instead, I saw another small kitten standing near the wall next to the driveway.  Before I could point it out to Pasiano, I saw a third kitten clinging to the bougainvillea vine and making her way up to the wall, presumably to join her sister. I called out to Pasiano that there were two more, and by the time he’d made it out to survey the scene, I’d seen the fourth kitten—farther up the vine than the first I’d seen.

I immediately went inside to make another dish of cat food and two of the kittens outside the wall devoured it ravenously.  They were tiny, but seemed to be starved and had no trouble doing away with the adult catfood, which was all that I had.  Luckily, Yolanda was here, and she cleaned out my cat carrier, we found a clean towel to put inside, and soon I’d caught all of the kittens  and brought them inside, but not before the dominant female kitty (three females and one boy who was runt of the litter) had another confrontation with Annie—and won.  Annie retreated to the bushes. I had Pasiano put a third dish of food out for Annie about 20 feet down the wall and I’ll be darned if that little kitten didn’t go down and run Annie away from her new dish of food as well, even though her own dish was still half full.  Talk about moxie!

Well, that was three days ago and the story goes on. That day was taken up by dealing with kitties, taking them to the vet, buying kitten supplies. Getting plates and registration for my new car was put off for a day and going to get my car put off two days. Today I got my car, which is a story for another day. The kitties are doing well and having new adventures every day. Forgottenman tsk tsks and says I’m turning into a cat lady. I am standing firm that that side of my personality is not going to take over—but rather just flavor a life that needed some diversion.  In the meantime, I need a home for four kittens. They are sweet and in three days have gone from running from my attention to running to the door every time I enter their sanctum sanctorum in the guest bathroom.  All are litterbox trained. The minute I put it in the room, they ran to use it with great enthusiasm. The dominant girl checks, and if anyone fails to cover completely, she jumps in and finishes the job. Adorable.

I am spending way too much time inspecting poop  for consistency and volume, so I depend on you to save me.  Surely someone needs one or two of these darling companions!!  Just comment here with your contact details or call me at 387 761 0281 or email me at

The End. (For now.) Please click on first photo to enlarge all and read captions.