Autumn with Minimal Red

I noted to my sister that autumn in Sheridan, Wyoming, although gorgeous, is lacking the red of other photos bloggers have posted.  She explained that maples don’t do well in Wyoming and that they account for much of the red in the fall landscape.  I have seen some bearberry and plum trees that give a small dash of purplish red.  I’ve been waiting for a fall prompt and Marilyn just sent me this one, so here are scenes I’ve witnessed in the week and a half I’ve been here:

Click on first photo to enlarge all.

Carrying National Breast Cancer Awareness Month One Step Too Far

The Rib and Chop House marked National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by having the wait staff wear pink T-shirts and serving cotton candy margaritas. They filled the glass with cotton candy, then poured a margarita over it. The result was the glass you see to your left. We ordered them, but my friend Patty had to drink mine.

Ironically, I’m going in for a biopsy and MRI in about fifteen minutes. I got up an hour early to write a poem about this but when I came back to my blog from importing this photo from my phone, it had vanished. Hope that is a good sign. Get your mammograms, gals!!!! (Note, added Oct 21: It was a good sign.  I tested benign!!)


The prompt today was express.

(Something there is that doesn’t want me to express what I really did write to this prompt, so I will let the matter lie.)

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Blood

The Halloween prompt today is blood.  Here are some sugar skulls made by kids for the Day of the Dead that reflect that theme to a small degree.And finally, no blood posting is complete without a posting of a blood moon.For Jennifer’s Halloween Challenge.