Four Feet Off the Ground

Malina Rose photo

Four Feet off the Ground

He loved her khaki overalls, her hiking boots and hat,
so altered his agenda to be where she was at.
He knew she was the girl for him, and though he’d never met her,
he knew at once he was in love and that he’d not forget her.
He tracked her to the lunch room, sneaking down the hall,
keeping so far behind she didn’t notice him at all.
He followed her to English class, then slipped into his own.
If it had been left up to him, she never would have known
the strength of his affection. Nor would she have met him.
She would have had no choice to remember or forget him.
From the start, he thought that she clearly walked on air
and one day without knowing it, he followed her up there.
She was two feet off the ground, and with him, it made four.
All across the campus, they were seen to soar.
But when she stopped abruptly, he simply could not miss her.
He forged ahead, bumped into her, and when she turned, he kissed her!
And though at first it seemed that she merely was astounded,
in time, they formed a pair and then they were more firmly grounded.


For Photo Challenge #269

Pilot Error

IMG_5076 2

Pilot Error

His vulgarity made her bashful,
his irreverence drew tears.
He had inadequate finesse
to soothe away her fears.
So though he wished to woo her,
in the end he failed.
When he tried to fly her to the moon,
his passenger just bailed.

Prompt words today are finesse, irreverent, vulgar and bashful.

Flower Stash–FOTD June 25, 2019

This is my loot acquired at the local plant place in San Juan Cosala the other day.  It’s already planted! My yard is looking cheerier every day.


Zinnias, Gerberas, Dusty Miller and Immortal (Straw) Flowers

For Cee’s FOTD

What We Can Do!!!!


Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.31.15 PM.png

I’ve been saying for some time that it isn’t enough to rail against the conditions in the concentration camps currently being filled with those seeking asylum in the U.S. We need to propose some solutions. Today I received a communication that offers solutions–or at least ways in which we can support those attempting to institute measures to end the atrocities in these camps. Here is a link to view what is happening in the camps–many of them run by a big-time contributor to Trump and several senators as well as a list of things you can do to help. 

Some excerpts from the link above: 

But why are these camps any different from the detention centers we’ve been hearing about for the last year?  Elizabeth C. McLaughlin explains why: 

“These concentration camps (let’s call them what they are) will be under the control of the Department of Homeland Security, but within the Department of Defense. Unlike ICE facilities, which allow site inspectors inside, there will be no inspection of military-run camps. 

 The military will be able to deny access to anyone it chooses. No media. No oversight. Lawyers will not be allowed in. Human rights monitors will not be allowed in. The camps will also be protected airspace, meaning that no drones can fly over them to take pictures of what’s going on inside. The Trump administration will be able to conduct itself in whatever way it wants to without anyone knowing what’s going on inside.” 



Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 7.43.04 AM           photo by Tim Mossholder, courtesy of Unsplash, with permission.


In the ballpark of the universe, there is no referee.
Chaos theory is the rule book. As sure as we may be
that we have followed all the rules, there is no guarantee
that fame won’t be ephemeral even though we’ve won the game.
On the scoreboard of the universe is no eternal fame.
However much the hero, however bright the flame,
In the end, we’re similar—just another name
lost within the cosmos. Another exploding star
that once thought that history would record who we are.


Prompts today are ephemeral, referee and similar.

Road Rage


Road Rage

Every time I lose control, I have cause to regret it.
I only hope that friend and foe in time will just forget it.
 I try to hold myself in check before I go too far.
The only time this does not work is when I’m in a car!

I rave and rant at thoughtlessness. Bad drivers I revile.
I simply must use tongue and fist to communicate my bile.
I wish I had more self-control, that my response was blander,
but somehow selfish drivers just tend to up my dander!


I have an early appointment tomorrow so need to do my post early.  The only prompt ready is Your Daily Word, so it is a single prompt today. The prompt word today is control.