Incandescent Insect Insomnia

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Both the Mills Brothers and Dean Martin recorded the song “Glow Worm” whose lyrics and tune I loved as a little girl. WordPress wouldn’t let me download the song from Youtube, but  please find it yourself and listen. Then don’t forget to come back for my reply:

Incandescent Insect Insomnia

When nature made the  glow worm glimmer,
would that she’d installed a dimmer;
for when I put out the light,
what I expect is total night.

When it puts itself in action,
I fear it sets up a distraction.
Little glow worm on the shelf,
please keep your glowing to yourself.

The prompt today is glimmer.

16 thoughts on “Incandescent Insect Insomnia

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Megha. I always remember the lyrics as “Glow little glow worm, glimmer, glimmer. . . .” but actually there are no such lyrics. That faulty memory got me this silly poem though, so here’s to disremembrance!!! (Which is also not a word.)

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Honestly! I had forgotten to put a punctuation mark and forgottenman pointed it out, asking if I wanted a period or exclamation point. I put a period but… obviously hit he wrong button. Thanks for pointing it out. Any time you see an error it is perfectly fine to inquire. I appreciate it, Dolly. xo

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  1. slmret

    I, too, loved the glow worm song! But I’ve been concerned recently about the amount of light emitted into my bedroom from all sorts of sources (a power strip, neighbors outdoor lights, street lights, even the moon!) I think a glow worm would be a welcome respite!


  2. curioussteph

    I used that song in my post today, too, Judy. And hours later, its still rattling around in my head. And I had the same mistaken lyrics you did–age or I wonder if there was a different version.

    cheers, and glimmer on!



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