Skewed Liberty (This Country for Sale)


Skewed Liberty

Everything is tilted. Slightly unaligned.
The constitution set askew. Liberty maligned.
Some of the well-heeled citizens think that this is fine.
They cannot see that everything is slightly out of line.
All the pretty Philistines queue up at their tees
while their flunky lawyers determine what to seize.
Contracts with the Russians. Schemes to sell off national land.
Cronies helping cronies. Off-shore drilling by demand.

Rivers being sullied and oceans compromised
while insuring rights to bear arms are exercised.
Certain pious preachers line up behind the svelte,
proclaiming to the masses that they know what Jesus felt.
Indeed, the smallest sparrow  no longer matters much
so long as all the mighty increase their greedy clutch––
all the moneychangers, corrupt to the core,
filling all their pockets with the money of the poor.

Surely it is clear that at ruling they’re inept,
and if he was watching, surely Jesus wept
as all the pearls of liberty were cast before the swine
with each self-serving libertine declaring  what is “mine.”
What is true no longer matters. What “they” say is now what now counts.
They say it’s holy scripture as they settle their accounts.
People, take off your blinders. Consider what is real.
One nation, under God, was not set up for them to steal!

The WordPress prompt today was skewed.

11 thoughts on “Skewed Liberty (This Country for Sale)

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Anton. I always wonder when I prod hypocritical “believers” if I’ll offend those who truly do live according to the edicts of their faith. You are my barometer, dear friend.


  1. Reflections of an Untidy Mind

    If there is a God, I wonder how he would judge the actions of those you have described, Judy, when they finally end up knocking on God’s door. I also wonder whether the self-proclaimed pious actually truly believe in God if this is how they behave here on earth.


      1. Anton Wills-Eve

        Spot on again,. Judy. The whole point of having faith is exactly that. I cannot prove my deity exists but the depth of my spiritual love makes me want to share it with all the people he also loves. As that is everyone, how could I live with myself if I was anything other than kind and helpful to everybody and put their needs before mine?


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