Biker Wedding

Biker Wedding

Though I’m just your uncle and backward at that,
I’m exceedingly fond of my sister’s sweet brat.
I hear there’s a  biker you’re eager to wed
and though I’d suggest  a nice banker instead,
I’m here not to alienate, but advise
(since I am your kin who’s most apt to be wise.)

Instead of a veil you’ll be wearing your patches
and learning his lingo by listening to snatches
of biker bar gossip and those conversations
spawned over road talk and major libations.
You’ll be in your flannels and Kevlar-lined denim
(I’m sure that no bride ever looked better in ’em.)

You’ll whisper “I do” and then exchange your patches
before you head out for a ride down to Natchez.
But, first things being first, you have asked me to aid
in getting your wedding invitations made.
I’ve checked out your spelling. The words are all fine.
Only the printing may be out of line.

Though responsible service may not be impossible,
are you quite sure that leather is embossable?

Prompt words today are uncle, alienate, backward, responsible and service.

24 thoughts on “Biker Wedding

        1. lifelessons Post author

          yes.. I had the same thought, Janet..But what magnificent leathers on the second! And gave credence to the possibility they”d sent out a leather invitation. It usually takes me as long to find the right photograph/photographs as to write the poem…and this is a great illustration of why, and not just my call. I always appreciate input. Perhaps it needs both photos–the one you like at the beginning and the one I chose at the end to represent the “leathers.” Compromise. And I do agree re/ the first photo better representing a person being involved.

          Liked by 2 people

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