Breakfast Sandwich


Breakfast Sandwich

My puppies heed no boundaries. They flop down where they  will.
Coco crowds me, head on shoulder, in my bed until
I need my arm for writing and to gratify my need,
I nudge her very gently, but still, she does not heed

the necessity for space between us on the bed,
so promptly she moves closer to lie on my arm instead.
She appreciates its flavor as she licks it fondly, then,
extends her pastel tongue to lick it all again.

Then Zoe comes to join us from her place down by my hip,
and expresses her love likewise with a little lip.
Then her tongue extends as well so I am doubly tasted.
massaged with love’s caresses until I’m thoroughly basted.

At length, both fall asleep again, their energy depleted,
and our morning’s sandwich is finally completed.
I wedge myself out gently so our sandwiching is done,
extracting my meat from between  its canine bun.


Prompt words for today are boundary, gratify, flavor, likewise, pastel and promptly. It is almost impossible to get photos with one’s arms pinned to the side but this was as close as I could get. 

32 thoughts on “Breakfast Sandwich

  1. Sam

    I Bet you knew this would appeal to me,, There are times that I would not trade any of those “nudges” for many who only say they are my friends~! Not that “friends” are bad so much as I know those nudges show a sincere love, unquestioned.

    My problem with my Eppie has now improved and she slept at the foot of my bed last night, for the first time in about a week.. I fixed this, NOT by showing more love for Eppie (as I had been doing) but rather by showing less affection to the other cat, (my Coco), to show that she was not going to become “top cat” by bullying Eppie.

    It is really difficult for us to realize that they can think too, and a little psychology sometimes works. Maybe it will work for your “Coco” and her barking problem.

    Somewhere I wrote something about barking that is sad.. I will try to find it. In the meantime here is something I wrote this morning, with a neat ping-back connection.


      1. Sam

        JUDY, have you considered this (below). I am told that it works.. I got a (location) one with GPS when Tami had started visiting the ranch next to me, but then I “chickened out” on putting it on such a small dog, Instead I used the usual training and stopped her from even going in that direction which solved my problem. They are so smart, but if your problem only happens when you are not at home it may be more difficult without some aid such as this


          1. Sam

            My problem with the one controlling Tami’s leaving my place was supposed to be for a very small dog, but when it arrived, I found that it was rather large, and so decided not to put it on her. $100 plus, shot so I returned it.. Isn’t Amazon great.. Just be sure the one you are looking at is small enough.

            As for Tami, she is so very smart and also so lovingly close to me, I just started loudly telling her NO~! each time she started walking in the direction of that property.. in about a week she stopped going that direction..

            There is a long story about that property and is so upsetting to me over the past few months that I have not even talked about it. My neighbor there was a recluse famous painter but he died~! (now New Owners who are turning the property into a tourist trap complete with cabins, and their add tells of being to fish for bass in MY lake. I am being squeezed out of my quiet lovely place by progress..

            Our road is now filling up with beer places, wedding places, wine places and B & B’s… I guess when you live in a “park like wildlife area, it will be filled up with such places… Soon it will only be a tourist trap~! There is a lot more but too sad to talk about.


            1. lifelessons Post author

              Sorry. You’d told me about how busy it was getting. The world changes so fast and one new neighbor can change everything. As I’ve found out as well… both in positive and negative terms.


            2. Sam

              The dirty politics here is such that these people are destroying what was a beautiful part of America. When you find out what they are doing, it then takes a court battle and lots of money to stop them, so actually it may be too late. You may have noticed that I stopped writing for a while. It is because of what was happening around here. I still do not like to think or write about it, so many things are happening to our part of the Hill Country~! Then when Tami heard kids up the hill, she wanted to go there, but that is only part of my problems.


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