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Things are looking up in La Manzanilla!

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Crawling or Flying

Most things crawl before they fly, if they fly at all.  The wood termites shown in the photo have flown into my pool, chewed their wings off, and are treading water or floating on their cast off wings to get to the side of the pool so they can crawl up to my wooden beams and make a meal of them.  The golden orb spider spins zigzag designs in her web as she crawls to its center.  I haven’t been able to determine why. The orange butterflies were on a lifejacket on a boat on the Amazon.  Attracted by the bright color, they were no doubt disappointed by the taste.  The tiny green moth flew down to my computer screen one night and crawled around a bit before it settled on a nice spot. The hummingbird moth larvae are fascinating in their various mutations before turning into moths. I never have been able to figure out what the crystal shapes are growing out of the one caterpillar. 

Most of my bird watching takes place at the beach, thus the photos of pelicans and gulls. Except for the photo of the walking stick on the cap and the hand-held giant leaf hopper, which were both taken in  the Amazon rainforest, all of the other photos  were taken at my house above Lake Chapala in Mexico.



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Things That Sizzle

Things That Sizzle

You’ll never convince me that those shoes aren’t hot!!! And, this little dog was so hot on the beach that he helped himself to some of the water from the plastic tub we wash our feet in to wash off beach sand.  Ew!!!

What Can’t You Paint? Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

What Can’t You Paint?DSC05394 DSC08356 DSC08357 P5280153 P5180093 DSCF3607 DSC08369

Shrine to the Vanishing Photo Store (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge 39)

IMG_0395-1                                                       Photo Retablo

When my camera conked out in Wyoming, I stopped at Best Buy to buy a new one, then realized I needed a spare battery.  Thinking it would be cheaper on the internet, I decided to wait, but I quickly learned the battery for this very new model was not available online. Researching camera stores on Google, I discovered  that one of only two camera stores remaining in Wyoming was in Casper, which we were due to travel through on our route to Cheyenne.  When we found it, there were three members of the military being served so as I wandered the shop–basically one long counter, I found this retablo, I had to photograph it. How better to worship at the shrine of photography?

When it was finally my turn, I asked why there were so few camera stores in Wyoming and received an answer I should have guessed.  The internet and large chain stores such as Best Buys and Costco had made dedicated camera stores obsolete.  I was very grateful to have found this one. I was also pleased to find that these rechargeable batteries last at least 5 times longer than the batteries in my old camera.

More Than 5 Items–Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge,


The largest head is a portion of a larger sculpture that blew apart in the wood-fired kiln of my favorite pottery studio.  The tall sculpture and plate are also by the same artists.  The bowls are pre columbian, The glazed vase in back contemporary Colombian. The Frida/doe sculpture in front is a piece I bought unpainted from a Michoacan artist. I added the thorns.  Its fragile antlers and legs have been broken off so many times as Yolanda dusted them that after my last repair job,  I finally put it up too high for her to reach.IMG_1328As I pulled into the upwardly inclined cobblestone road that leads up to my house, this herd of sheep came charging across the road.  Luckily, my camera was close at hand.  They streamed onto a vacant lot and as the rest grazed, one with illusions of grandeur sought out the highest hillock to become king of his own small mount.