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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 30 – ‘After’

Before and After: The Barber Makes A House Call


Hat Face

I have a friend who used to look so good in hats that her father called her “hat face.”  I’ve always looked like a little old lady in hats and now that I am a little old lady, I still do.  That’s why I rarely wear them. Here are some folks who do them more justice.

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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge Week 22: Group

Our girls’ dance class has metamorphosed into a kids’ yoga/self-awareness class.  The girls seem to love it and we plan on adding a boys’ class as well.  Cynthy, the 20ish teacher, is a bit of a kid herself and the perfect one to work with the children of our village.

I love the picture of this group of pelicans and gulls flying off after clearing the beach of the castoff fruits of the sea shed on the beach by fishermen clearing their nets.

This group of young boys from our summer camp mugging for the camera is one of my favorites.  What sweet kids they are. Hope to repeat the experience this summer.

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“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 19 – “Gap”

“Gap-toothed she was and sure to please!”  (One of my favorite lines from The Canterbury Tales! He is describing the bawdy wife of Bath.)

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Sweet Suite––(Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Sweet, Week 18)

“Sweet Suite”

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Under–Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge

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